Tim Brophy, from OneDegree Careers | EP#04 | No-Code Explorers with Daniel Weinmann

In this episode of No-Code Explorers, we have Tim Brophy, co-founder of OneDegree Careers.

Did you know that there is something called the "student loan crisis" that has surpassed 1.8 trillion dollars in the US and is growing every day? And, at the same time, there is a whole category of highly paid professions that don't require a college degree?

That important social incongruency is what united Tim Brophy and Gabe Bensimon, co-founders of OneDegree Careers. After more than one decade in the Construction and Healthcare industries, they witnessed uncounted high-paid opportunities that don't require college graduation. They named those professions "skilled careers". And decided to share these opportunities with the world through OneDegree Careers.

They then decided to create the platform using Bubble. They wanted to be able to launch it fast and iterate with speed. And that is the story Tim Brophy shares with Daniel Weinmann in this amazing interview.

We hope you enjoy this conversation and have lots of gains for your journey.

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