Jonathan Timianko, from PierShare | EP#03 | No-Code Explorers with Daniel Weinmann

In this episode of No-Code Explorers, we have Jonathan Timianko, founder of PierShare.

While Jonathan Timianko worked in technology and corporate consulting, his family moved from New Jersey to Florida to a house on the water with a dock. But they had no boat.

One day someone requested to rent the dock. Jonathan had no idea that this was a thing: people kept boats at other people's houses. That is what sparked the initial idea for PierShare.

To make the MVP, Jonathan used only Bubble with no code at all. He also knocked on 3000 doors to get his first clients!

PierShare allows boaters to search for, discover, and secure great dock spaces in their local communities. PierShare combines a fully integrated, secure platform with easy-to-understand docking payment plans.

We hope you enjoy this conversation and have lots of gains for your journey.

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