Dale Wilkinson, from goodgigs | EP#01 | No-Code Explorers with Daniel Weinmann

Many founders believe that to start their businesses they need to raise lots of money and hire developers. But as you’ll see in this episode of No-Code Explorers, Dale Wilkinson was able to build goodgigs, iterate on it, and put it out for users with little investment and only using no-code solutions.

- Why was goodgigs created?
- What are you able to do with no-code solutions?
- Why is it important to get intimate with your product?
- What are your options in the no-code ecosystem?
- The next step to growth and sustainability.
- How learning to operate your tools can give you speed?
- The value you provide to the users of your product.
- A message for new non-technical founders.

I hope you enjoy this exploration and can use Dale's lessons in your journey.

And remember to share your doubts, thoughts, and insights with us! 

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